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XER0GRAVITY - Staff Application

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New member
Jan 6, 2020
Name: Jaren

In-game name: XER0GRAVITY

Age: 16

What timezone are you in? PST

Location: Canada

Timezone: PST

Introduce Yourself: Hello, I eat Mac n Cheese whilst looking at my computer screen. I am a 16-year-old manchild who lives in the middle of Canada. Canada is the best country, known for its esqucitit polar bears and sea life. Our nature is beautiful and I like to go skiing every day!

Discord name: XER0GRAVITY#1875

How much can you be on the server: EVERY DAY

Will you be active on the website: yes.

If you found a hacker what would you do: I would tell them to stop if they say no and a curse word, I will ask my mommy to handle them because they are too mean.

If someone was curing excessively, spamming and being hateful towards players how would you handle it: Sir, Idk why curing is a bad thing. There is currently a global push to cure cancer, and I have personally donated $50 towards cancer treatment. I encourage you to manage your server funds and give money to the needy.

What do you think needs improvement on the server: Nothing, I think you have the best server!

Why would you like to become a staff member: Because.

How can you help the server by being staff: My prime location in the middle of Canada has internet for only 3 hours a day. The polar bears knock down the power lines preventing me from using the internet. Otherwise, I have premium moderator experience on Mineplex, the Hive, Hypixel and Cubecraft! All the Minecraft server owners will vouch for me! Please consider my application!

Why do you think you would make a better staff candidate than other people: Because. I just am. Idk what these scrubs think with their minecraft server owning experience, I am a true master at my craft. Canada is the best country and everyone should know that.

Extra Information:


Staff member
Sep 21, 2019
Accepted! This is the best application I think I've seen so far.
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