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LimeFlavoredLice's Application redo

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New member
Dec 29, 2019
Name: Sam

In-game name: LimeFlavoredLice

Age: 15

Location: America

Timezone: Eastern Standard Time

Introduce Yourself: Hi! Im LimeFlavoredLice! I enjoy helping people and I love to play on this server! I was staff on another server called SnapCraft. I feel like i can be very useful on this server, making it a better, closer, strong economy.

Discord name: Okay Boomer#5575

How much can you be on the server: I can play a lot. I will play almost everyday during the week, but i have school so after 2:30pm I can play.

Will you be active on the website: Yes, I will be active on the website. I will read through forums and try to answer peoples problems.

If you found a hacker what would you do: If I found a hacker, I would look for further proof of the player hacking. Then, I would contact a higher ranked member, or proceed to ban them.

If someone was curing excessively, spamming and being hateful towards players how would you handle it: If a player is doing such, I would ask the player to please stop. If they do not I would give them a mute.

What do you think needs improvement on the server: I think it is a great server overall, but I would like to add a few plugins in, and I have some suggestions.

Why would you like to become a staff member: I would like to become a staff member so i can help other players and give them an overall great experience playing.

How can you help the server by being staff: My making sure everything is running smoothly, and trying to keep chat clean, and positive. I will try to help new players understand the concept of the game and try to help people as much as possible.

Why do you think you would make a better staff candidate than other people: I have been staff on another server before. I tend to enjoy helping people and I have a good tolerance of patience.

Extra Information: Sorry about spamming ya bro :/. BTW Im starting a coding class soon :3
Not open for further replies.
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