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Dans application for admin

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New member
Nov 24, 2019
Name: Daniel

In-game name: Dan1556


What timezone are you in?: PST


Timezone: pst

Introduce Yourself:I am Daniel i am friendly and helpful, and i am a hard worker in terms of things i am needed to do and i speak good spanish.

Discord name:Migflors523#6373(Pc Main)

How much can you be on the server: Most of the day so around 8 hours and alot of the day on weekends and breaks but usually more than 8 hours on days off.

Will you be active on the website: I will start to be active on the website around 30 mins a day.

If you found a hacker what would you do: I will warn the player but if they continue i will ban the person temporarily and get in contact with higher staff members in a course of action.

If someone was curing excessively, spamming and being hateful towards players how would you handle it: I will warn the person of there actions and if they do not stop i will mute for period of time .

What do you think needs improvement on the server: the server needs more people to help out on the development of new servers and functions/plugins and better donation rewards.

Why would you like to become a staff member: I have played on this server for a long time and i will like to do more as a player, to help out newer players and make a fun server.

How can you help the server by being staff: Help new players the ropes on the server and help have a fun environment and make the game more enjoyable

Why do you think you would make a better staff candidate than other people: I have played on this server since the RCN days back around 2015-16 and i can always help with the new plugins and playing options and I consider myself a fun and nice person if it ever comes to time i am stumped i will ask a higher rank than myself on a course of action

Extra Information: Toast SUPER is Gay!
Keto ice cream and butter is delish!

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Staff member
Sep 21, 2019
Accepted! I have known you a long time you're a nice dude. :D
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