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New member
Jan 14, 2020
Name: Monsieur Ricardo de la rosa ramirez the III

In-Game name: Cosmonautt

Age: 16

What timezone are you in? EST

Location: I travel a lot but mainly Connecticut

Timezone: EST, again...

Introduce yourself: Hi I'm cosmo I love this server and i want to help it grow

Discord name: Cosmo#9505

How much can you be on the server: I'm on during a lot of my free time including around 2-3 on weekdays

If someone was cursing excessively, spamming and being hateful towards players how would you handle it: I think it's important that people have a warning first, I don't think people are innately bad and trying to be mean but if it continues it would only be fair to the other players on the server to either temp mute/ban ( depending on severity)

What do you think needs improvement on the server: Ability to claim more land for less. right now nations are the size of cities

Why would you like to become a staff member: Because staff's are the ones who helped me when I started and that's what I want to do for everyone else

How can you help the server by being staff: im already a regular player and i know a lot of the people on the server, i want to be a friendly helper who is there to Help.

Why do you think you would make a better staff candidate than other people: im just here to have fun

Extra Information: i want to help
Not open for further replies.
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