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Blood' helper application

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New member
Jan 3, 2020
Name: I'll DM you

In-Game name: _TheBloodMoon_

Age: 14

What timezone are you in? PST

Location: California

Timezone: PST

Introduce yourself: Hi, my name is _TheBloodMoon_. I'm a freshman in highschool and play baseball. I like playing video games and love the server.

Discord name: TheBloodMoon#7255

How much can you be on the server: at least 2 or 3 hours a day

Will be on the website: yes

If You Find A Hacker What Would You Do: look for more evidence to make sure they are hacking. if they are i will ban them

If someone was cursing excessively, spamming and being hateful towards players how would you handle it: first i will warn them to stop and if they don't i will mute them.

What do you think needs improvement on the server:the server shutting down

Why would you like to become a staff member: yes

How can you help the server by being staff: by helping new players and resolving issues especially ones with enchants and wars. i can also test plugins

Why do you think you would make a better staff candidate than other people: i know how to do most of the commands and how things on the server work.

Extra Information: Random is a good owner
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New member
Dec 16, 2019
Hi mate, I am not the final decider, but I do not believe we are currently accepting helpers! We have too many! I will leave this open and wait for Random to verify this, I will notify you if the applications are accepted again.

Not open for further replies.
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